Q. How do I pay?
A. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  The buyer responsible for the PayPal fee.  If you have a Japanese bank account, bank transfers are also accepted.  Payments are made via PayPal to our email:  yokoworksjp@gmail.com
Q. What are the costs involved in ordering from Japan?
A. Generally speaking the costs are:
(Product Price + Local Tax 10%) + (*Bank Transfer Fee)+ (Shipping to us) + (Shipping to you) + (* Service Fee) = Sub Total
Sub Total + 3% = TOTAL
Example Transaction:
– Set of Wheels:  52,000 yen
– Local Shipping:  5,000 yen
– Bank Transfer Fee:  300 yen
– Shipping To You:  23,000 yen
– Service Fee:  11,000 yen
– Sub Total:  91,300 + 3% = 94,039 yen, or $862 TOTAL shipped to your door.
* The Bank Transfer fee is the fee we have to pay to purchase the item from the seller, it is not a fee for you transferring money to us.  It usually costs about $2-$4 usd.
Service Fee is the cost of our service to handle everything from purchase to delivery.  It is a flat fee, and does not change based on the cost of the item you purchase.
Fee List:
– Set of Wheels (4 wheels) $110 usd
– Pair of Wheels (2 wheels) $70 usd
– Small Items (i.e. wheel center caps, shift knobs, corner markers etc..) $20 usd
– Medium Items (tail lights, steering wheels, side mirrors etc..) $30-$40 usd
– Please inquire about any other items you are unsure of.
Q.  What are my shipping options?
A.  We ship via Japan Post.  There are 4 shipping options, but it does depend on your country.  Certain countries do not accept all options.  Please contact us to determine your shipping options, or use the links below.  Cost and delivery time depend on your country of residence, so please simply use this as a guide.
Shipping Options:
EMS (Express Mail Service) : Average time is 3-5 days. (Quickest and usually most expensive)
Air Mail : Average time is 1-2 weeks. (Quick and affordable, but sometimes it’s more expensive than EMS)
Economy Airmail : Average time is 2-3 weeks. (Usually the affordable, good timing option)
Surface Mail : Average time is 6-10 weeks. (Cheapest and good if your not in a hurry, and want to save money)
Useful Links:
*(Select “Parcel” > Enter Estimated Weight in Grams > Select Kanagawa > Your Country)
Q. What if I send you the money, and then I decide I don’t want the item?
A. Unfortunately after we have already purchased the item, or bid on it, we can not back out and refund your money.
Q.  What if my bid on the auction doesn’t win?
If your bid ends up not winning we will issue you a refund via Paypal.  You will not be charged a service fee by us if you do not purchase an item.
Q. Can you order an aero kit or other large items?
A. No, unfortunately we do not deal with items that large.
Q. Can you box several small things together to save on shipping costs?
A. Yes, as long as it is within reason.
Q. Can you hold an item for a period of time before shipping it to me?
A. Usually yes, but please talk to us beforehand.  If it is a large item (i.e. wheels), there will be a storage fee involved depending how long you would like the item held.
Q. Do you offer translation services?
A. If you have found an item online that you are interested in purchasing, then we can help with translating the description.  However, we cannot assist you with random translations.  Sometimes sellers do not accurately describe an item, and unfortunately in that case we are not responsible for the communication error.
* Please try Google Translate to read about an item.  If you are still not clear on something please contact us and we will try to clear it up for you.
Q. Can you remove tires?
A. ** At the moment we are not currently accepting orders for wheels that have tires attached. We apologize for the inconvenience.**
Q. Can you ship to my country?
A. Usually, yes.  Prior to purchasing I will require your address for a shipping quote anyhow, so if they is a problem with shipping to you, we will know beforehand.  Shipping within Japan is also no problem, and is usually very affordable.
Q. Can you ship something to an address in Japan?
A. Yes, that is no problem.  Fees are sometimes lower too, because we don’t have to re-package and ship the items ourselves.
Q. Do you accept returns?
A. No returns are accepted unless Yokoworks has made a mistake and sent you the wrong item.
If you still have further questions please email us at YokoworksJp@gmail.com